The Veronicas Australian Tour

RF and Systems Technician
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I was asked to help out on just a couple of the Veronicas gigs in April '06. My full time job prevented me from doing all the shows around Aus. It started out as an easy gig to do, 2 PSM packs, 2 Mics, what could go wrong..?

Well, first job was to make a Shure UR2-H4E microphone work with a J5E receiver. When the truck was packed, two mics and a dual RX were thrown in, one microphone turned out to be the wrong band. Nice, that's done with 1/2 hour to show. The rest of the gigs were easy to do, no further major drama's. Except for the internal shorting and subsequent meltdown of the battery in Lisa's PSM two minutes into the second song. This called for a bit of on-stage action, getting a new battery installed while the pack was attached still bouncing about the stage. Not a job I'm used to, or comfortable with.

All went well for the 1/2 dozen shows, so much so that the girls asked their manager to ask me if I would tour with them in August as they really liked the way things worked (they rely heavily on their ears performance). Once again, due to my work commitments, an entire month off was not going to happen. Good fun, enjoyable.