Sydney Olympic Games, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

System Technician
Olympic Stadium, Sydney

Official website of the Olympic Movement

Work on the Sydney Olympics came about when asked to diagnose and repair an issue with the Crown amplifier IQ control system installed into the gantry of the Olympic Stadium. Finding the issue was not hard, combating it was another story - so much radio interference was being inducted into this control line from nearby AM radio transmitters, none of the control systems operated reliably. A solution was found, and I was asked to stay on, further assessing and diagnosing faults in both the field of play audio, and radio mic systems.

I worked directly for Ian Baldwin, who was the head systems tech, and consequently spent the Opening Ceremony sitting in the glass air conditioned Ceremonies Audio Room (CAR) monitoring Crown amplifiers, and making toasted sandwiches.

I also worked on the Para-lympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies.