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My preference for radio mics and in-ear monitoring systems is from Shure Inc. in Chicago. This equipment, while possibly not marketed as the smallest, most petite equipment around, makes up for it in reliability, sound quality, and robustness. Shure continually use sound, high quality RF design principles for all of their equipment, and the new UR series is one of the most innovative products on the market, both in design and user performance. I have worked with the majority of brands involved in making this type of product, and Shure definitely rates as first choice.

A lot of the gear used at certain larger events is custom built to suit a purpose. the larger venues, such as stadiums and public spaces requires the use of higher powered, better controlled equipment. Most of the gear used in these situations has been custom designed and built by myself, from Wideband amplifiers for PSM systems capable of conducted powers of 50watts, to units linear enough to transmit eight or ten frequencies simultaneously at powers ten or fifteen times that of the standard In-ear transmitter. Coverage of these systems is considerable, and recently was tested using a standard body worn PSM receiver at over 7 kilometers.

Custom transmitters have also been designed to solve certain problems. Multi frequency 'beacons' have been used, small computer driven transmitters called 'Rider' transmitters that can cycle through, and transmit a message on any quantity of frequencies, at speeds up to 5 frequencies per second. Used continuously, and programmed with the intended show frequencies, inform and deter other parties from using those frequencies. They are usually transmitted at a higher power than would normally be used for the show, making it difficult for other transmitters to successfully use those frequencies. The Rider transmitters are turned off just before the show, leaving the airwaves clear for the performance.