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2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards

Spectrum Management and RF Technician
Acer Arena, Sydney

MTV Australia

This is the third year of the Mtv Australia Video Music Awards, and the second year held in Acer Arena. Host and Presenter microphones were also done by Norwest this year, in previous years the broadcast company was responsible for providing host coverage. This did not add a lot of work to the overall running of the gig, as only a dozen or so mics were used in that capacity.

Similar equipment was used to last year, the major difference being that almost every band had some sort of radio equipment themselves. Ranging from Shure to Sennheiser to Audio Technica. All these system had to be integrated into the RF spectrum. Norwest's resident RF tech, Matty Ling, had all the bands requirements plotted and listed, and slight modification to the usual frequency compatibility software was required to integrate this quantity and variation in brands of gear.

Wireless summary includes: 24 channels of Shure UHF-R, 6 channels of Shure ULXP-M2, 2 channel of Shure ULXP-M1, 2 channels of Shure ULXP-Q2, 2 channels of Audio Technica 5000 series, 8 channels of Shure PSM 600, 3 channels of Shure PSM700-L2, 3 channels of PSM700-H3, 2 channels of Shure PSM200-Q3, 6 channels of Sennheiser G2 PSM, 5 channels of Lectrosonics IFB, and over 35 channels of UHF comms. There were also dozens of various other wireless systems outside and around the venue that had to be considered.